Our Story

The same commitment that brought us together is the same commitment that brings us to you.

We are passionate about education beyond the traditional classroom. 

We built our relationship around a dream.

When we first met, we knew there was something special between us.

We were from different parts of the country, but we talked and laughed like old friends. Even though we had barely gotten to know each other, we soon realized we shared a passion for teaching in our respective fields, and a passion for teaching Black people and others who had been marginalized.  And we wanted to have our own school someday. We encouraged each other. We pushed each other. We inspired each other. Our relationship grew into a deep abiding friendship. That friendship blossomed into love. It was a love with many ups and downs, twists and turns, even spanning the globe at one time. 

Through it all, we have dedicated ourselves to being better teachers, better educators. 

Eventually, we both came back to Philly. We both strived to become better at reaching students and applying our craft in public schools, parochial schools, private schools, and after school programs.

But that’s not all. We came back to Philly to begin a life together.

But it didn’t work. 

We broke up. We went our separate ways. It had gotten so bad we didn’t speak for three years. But in that time, God was still building us into the man and woman that he wanted us to be. He was also creating within us a stronger desire to teach children more impactfully and to build programs that would reach children in unconventional ways. Through a mutual friend, we found ourselves as managers for the same education company. Working together, teaching together,  training and developing teachers together, rekindled the passions that we shared for building schools. The time, space, and distance helped to give us new perspective and even heal some old wounds. We found that we still loved each other, and that we still wanted to build together. 

10 years after we first met we married. See? God does fulfill promises.

We realized that there was something fundamentally wrong with education in America.

We started building a life together. Teaching in independent schools. Teaching at an HBCU. We had children. We sort of thought that life would go in predictable ways.

We found schools we could live with for the kids, and we thought that would be good enough. If we stayed involved, we could make it work, we said. The desire for our own school began to wane.

Then a death in the family. New jobs. Sick parents. We became caregivers. We had more kids. Life was lifing. We thought,”We have to find a good school for the kids”. But the more we look for the right situation for our children, the more frustrated we began to find ourselves. We realized that there was no solution that worked for the vision of what we thought our children deserved. 

We thought we could do better. We thought we could build better

So we began our homeschool journey.

Our revelation was that we needed to embrace a healthier, less institutional way of seeing education, our family, and our faith. 

That was over a decade ago.

We never imagined that the school that we would build together would be in our own home, beginning with our own children. It has been difficult and challenging, and it has stretched us in more ways that we could imagine, but it has been the most wonderful gift we ever received.

Today, we want to help others be free to learn and achieve their own liberation. 

We’ve been blessed to be part of a community of homeschoolers where we have been able to grow in faith and consciousness.

Our children have been able to learn, grow and develop their talents and friendships. Even better, we have been able to take our gifts and passions for teaching and share them with our homeschool and community and finally begin building the kind of learning environment we always wanted to have. We aren’t there yet, but we are building with our community. We’re glad that you are a part of our community, too.

If our story resonates with you, let us know!

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